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FIT-GO PRO Training by Junaid Myer

Are you looking to feel young again, to fit into a particular clothing size, improve your knowledge regarding your fitness and health or reduce the risks of acute and chronic illness?

For all these you need a Personal Trainer with the right skillsets. Your Personal Trainer must be a professional with the necessary Knowledge and Experience.

If you want to get to the results that you deserve, your Personal Trainer must be able to quickly build rapport with you and be a person that you feel and know you can trust.

It is also very important that the Personal Trainer knows how to set the appropriate environment for every client.

As the creator of FIT-GO PRO, Master Personal Trainer: Junaid Myer makes sure to provide and surpass the clients’ expectation with the correct approach that they need, taking into consideration their specific bodies, lifestyle and goals.

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Certified Trainers

Junaid Myer is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach with decades of experience that works together with GPs, Nutritionists and other health professionals to provide a holistic and functional approach to fitness.

Fitness & Nutrition

The science-based training combined with the professional nutritional support provided by our method, are the fundamental keys for your long-lasting results.

Holistic Approach

The Fit-Go Pro approach takes into consideration all the other aspects that most gyms, trainers and programs leave aside: your lifestyle, mindset and present conditions. These are very important to avoid injuries, make training a habit and enjoy the process of physical, spiritual and mental transformation.

Junaid Myer

His formation
& Diplomas


PTA Global Certified in Advance Personal Training (PTAG) - Level 4


GP Referral - Level 3


Obesity & Nutrition - Level 4


Lower Back Pain Management - Level 4


Master Trainer in Advance Personal Training (EIF) - Level 3


Nutrition & Weight Management - Level 3

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Clinical Exercise & Exercise Referral – Level 3
Strength & Sport Conditioning – Level 3
Lifestyle  Change Management – Level 3
Functional Training & Core Stability – Level 3
Personal Training – Level 3
Advance Instructor – Level 3
Circuit Training – Level 3
Advance TRX – Level 3
Advance Functional Training (AFT) – Level 3
Active IQ in Healthy Living – Level 3
FAA First Aid AT Work / CPR &  Automated – Level 3
External Defibrillator
BAWLA Instructor in Olympic Weight Lifting
BAWLA Leaders in Olympic Weight Lifting
I.T.F Kickboxing PadWork & Boxing

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What do we do?

Our main Services

Our philosophy toward fitness is that fitness is the beginning of taking control of our life, a lifestyles change, everything that most people wants, but few get: Health, Vitality, Beauty, Strength, Confidence and Self-respect.

Junaid programs are based on strength & conditioning, nutrition and functional training.

He has over 20 years of experience in martial arts, competing at the highest levels, including representing Great Britain in Taekwondo.

As a professional and a competitive athlete, Junaid knows what it takes to achieve success, something that you too will learn and know how to achieve when reaching your goals.

FIT-GO PRO is the results of his vast expertise and skills to bring the highest standard in Personal Training methods and Personal Transformation practices.

1 on 1 Sessions

We focus on body transformation, weight & nutritional management, strength & sport conditioning and rehabilitation among other practices.

Public Speaking

We do seminars and fitness assessment for businesses employees and directors regarding fitness and healthy lifestyle habits and practices.


We do personal and online coaching and consultations to help our clients improve faster and have the necessary support outside of the physical training sessions.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Junaid is extremely professional and generous with his knowledge. It was very clear from my first consultation that training with him will help me not only achieve my goals but lead a healthier lifestyle.


Junaid is a really professional trainer with a lot of passion and knowledge about personal training. He is just as I was looking for, an honest, direct and at the same time realistic and kind person. I can’t wait to start training with him.


I hired Junaid as my PT based on quite a few things; firstly everything about his approach speaks professionalism. From his website to his credentials. I was quite impressed by his skill levels and all the other attributes that he brought to the table as a PT. This is not something that I’ve experienced with the PTs I’ve hired in the past. I am very happy I chose Junaid and I would recommend him as a PT to anyone looking for a great PT.


These are the early days, so I can’t comment on Junaid’s work since we are only about to start in a few days time. But I can certainly apraise his overall conduct at the FREE pre consultation which lasted 2 hours; he was very thorough and we went through all my health issues and not only. Junaid took measurements like: weight , BMI, Body fat etc . to establish a target, that will be achieved sooner then I initially thought possible. Junaid was very professional, understanding and could answer all of my questions. I am really looking forward to be working alongside him to achieve my goals. A man of many talents!



If you are looking for a real and amazing transformation, these training packages offer the best options to get you from where you are at to where truly to want to be!

All Personal Training Sessions are held on DW Fitness First Gym at 179A Tottenham Court Rd, Fitzrovia, London W1T 7PA or where you and your fitness professional have agreed on.


SILVER Package


1 month Gym Access

8 x 30mins PT session


Titanium Package


1 month Gym Access

12 x 30mins PT session




2 month Gym Access

16 x 30mins PT session




2 month Gym Access

20 x 30mins PT session



If you have any questions regarding our services please share us your name and email and we will get in contact with you shortly